4 Zodiacs Who Should Call In A Mental Health Day This Week

VIRGO Your eighth house of potency, intimacy, the psyche, rebirth, and intimate unions is traversed by the solar eclipse of the New Moon. Seize this moment as a potent opportunity to confront your romantic fears and insecurities if you have been guarded.

Your capacity to comprehend your previous emotional wounded, suffering, and humiliation has increased. You have undergone an evolution since that time.

Libra, your seventh house of long-term relationships, partnerships, equilibrium, and matrimony, is becoming more active.

There is a good chance that you will encounter someone with whom you share a spark—someone special who possesses all the qualities.

SAGITTARIUS Romantically, you can anticipate exciting developments during this New Moon in solar eclipse. Energized by this celestial occurrence is your fifth house, which represents passion, aspiration, individuality, romance, enjoyment, and delicacy.

Whether you are committed or unattached, and whether or not you are seeking something significant, you can anticipate surprises.