3 Zodiacs Who Always Mistake Attachment For Love

Cancers are creature of comfort; they are most attuned to contentment and stability, which is not inherently negative but can frequently result in a lack of passion.

They may find themselves mired in unproductive or monotonous relationships due to a resistance to change or an inflexible conception of loyalty.

Taurus are obstinate and devoted individuals, they have a tendency to overcommit to their choices in both romantic relationships and daily life, even when such a course of action does not always benefit them.

Taurus will do virtually anything to maintain a relationship or companionship with whom they are familiar, disregarding any indications that they may not be in love so long as they continue to feel secure and at ease.

Scorpio's interest in unsuitable companions has nothing to do with comfort. In fact, Scorpio frequently thrives on profound, even turbulent connections; they have no qualms about such matters.

However, they are also more likely than any other zodiac sign to mistake these intense, all-encompassing emotions for love.