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35 Must-See Gel Nails Designs for Your Mood Board

"I love a good gel design that lights up,. "Having fun is great, especially around the holidays."

Blingy Tips

Consider decorations and elaborate designs to stand out. Rhinestones, studs, and glitter make nails stunning.

Jeweled Starfish

Tropical holidays inspired this stunning neon French manicure. Lime green gives the French manicure a pop.

Fluorescent French

Add accent nails to your manicure for a creative twist. This strong design complements a few nails and adds interest.

Double Patterns

Font accents mark events well. “You can't go wrong with an old English font,”. “I designed this for my birthday.

Chrome Font

The Clase Azul tequila bottle gave this manicure its idea. It's both fancy and expensive.

Clase Azul

"This look was for a client who was going to a concert," "Purple was his color scheme, and he wanted something simple." 

Purple French

A baby pink foundation, French ombré, and glitter splatter make a charming manicure.

French Ombre