4 Zodiac Signs Struggling With Self-encouragement

Taurus Despite being the first to offer support to companions in their pursuit of achieving a specific objective, you encounter difficulties in maintaining self-encouragement.

You are incapable of bestowing the same kind of support and compassion upon yourself that you extend to others. And that must immediately change.

Gemini Your predicament with self-encouragement stems from the fact that you continue to dwell on your past failures. One cannot help but reflect on the numerous instances in which success was tantamount to attaining success itself,

Sometimes, in an effort to avoid experiencing that type of suffering again, you may come to the conclusion that attempting is completely futile.

Scorpio Realistically, self-encouragement is a difficult concept for you to grasp. You are attempting to analyze the situation logically, and logically speaking, you are likely to fail.

If you can confidently motivate your peers to persevere, you ought to do the same for yourself. Because you have a shot, maintain that conviction.