3 Zodiacs Who Are Struggling With An Eclipse Hangover This Week

Cancer It is well-known that you are a sensitive being. You are the most affected individual during a full moon, sensing each draw of the tides.

It is logical that an additional lunar-based astral phenomenon would have an impact on you as well.

Libra You were completely engrossed in the eclipse's spectacle. Whether or not you organized a solar eclipse party or distributed eclipse spectacles to your entire social circle (although this is highly likely),

You may have even traveled in order to obtain a superior vantage point. As a result of the eclipse occupying a significant portion of your Monday, the remainder of the week has felt different.

Capricorn You are among the select few who experienced a fortunate Monday, whereas the solar eclipse and concurrent Mercury retrograde caused some members of the zodiac to feel a little off.

Your domestic sphere was operating exceptionally smoothly, as fortuitous events presented themselves to you in the most unexpected ways during the lunar eclipse.