Roast Pumpkin Seeds

– 1 cup pumpkin seeds from 1 sugar (pie) pumpkin (sugar pumpkins are best for yielding the crispiest roasted pumpkin seeds) – 1 Tbsp avocado or melted coconut oil – 1 healthy pinch sea salt


Get the seeds out of the pumpkin and try to get rid of most of the stringy parts.

put the pumpkin in a sieve or fine mesh strainer and rinse it well to get rid of any extra goo.

Place the cleaned pumpkin seeds on a towel and let them dry completely.

This will help the oven crisp up the pumpkin seeds. Cover a baking sheet with dried pumpkin seeds.

How long you bake them for will depend on how big the seeds are. Bake until crisp and light golden brown.

Allow to cool fully before putting in a container with a lid, like a mason jar.