The 8 Healthiest Nuts You Can Eat, According To Science

Pistachios: A Complete Protein Source - Discover the health benefits of pistachios, including antioxidants and glucose-lowering effects. The only nut considered a "complete protein."

Walnuts: Heart-Healthy Omega-3s - Walnuts offer ALA omega-3s, fiber, and protein, aiding heart, brain, and eye health. They improve diet quality and may lower LDL cholesterol.

Macadamia Nuts: Heart Health Hero - Despite being less popular, macadamia nuts contribute to heart-healthy diets, lowering LDL cholesterol and cardiovascular risk factors.

Almonds: Vitamin E Powerhouse - High in vitamin E, almonds combat inflammation, boost immunity, and reduce coronary heart disease risk by lowering cholesterol levels.

Brazil Nuts: Selenium Superstars - Brazil nuts pack a punch with selenium, vital for thyroid health and fighting oxidative damage. However, watch intake due to selenium's upper limit.

Cashews: Diabetes-Friendly Snack - Rich in protein and nutrients, cashews aid in type 2 diabetes management by reducing insulin levels and improving cholesterol.

Pecans: Heart Health Support - Pecans offer healthy fats and nutrients, improving cholesterol levels and insulin sensitivity, benefiting heart health and managing obesity.