Yogurt With Berry Jam

Large Radish


For the Yogurt: 4 cups (1 L) whole milk 1 tbsp plain yogurt For the Jam: 1 lb (500 g) berries washed (for strawberries, cut into quarters) (I used blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.) 1¼ cups (250 g) sugar (if you want to make more use half the amount of sugar as fruit) Juice of ½ lemon

Lock and secure the covering. Ensure that the steam release lever is in the "Sealing" position. Double-tap Yogurt until the word Boil appears

 A beeping sound will signify that the kettle has begun to heat up after a few seconds.

Alternately, press Cancel and rotate the steam release knob to Venting. Open the lid as soon as the pressure has been completely relieved. 

Ten minutes later, remove the kettle and allow the milk to chill.

Dissolve the yogurt in a small amount of tepid milk in a cup. Stir the dissolved substance into the preceding milk mixture.

Apply the locking and closing instructions from step 2 to the lid. Double-press Yogurt and adjust the timer to eight hours.

Press Cancel and rotate the steam release handle to Venting when the allotted time has expired. After the pressure has been completely released, remove the yogurt by opening the lid.